Where is Koru Mindfulness taught?

Use our interactive map to discover an amazing, specially trained Koru Mindfulness teacher anywhere in the world.

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How to use this map

  1. Find the region you are interested in. A green dot with a number tells you how many teachers are in that area.
  2. Click on the green dot to zoom into the region. Or use your mouse wheel or the map tool (+) to zoom into an area.
  3. Hover over a pin to view the teacher’s name and location.
  4. Click on the pin for teacher contact information.

You can also search for a teacher in a specific location by using the search feature in the top right of the map.

Click on the tool bar at the bottom of the map to see a list of teachers. You can choose to see teachers in training or fully certified teachers.  Click on the name in the list for teacher contact information.

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Are you a Koru Mindfulness Teacher and want your information updated? Send us an email.