Suit Fong Chan

Suit Fong Chan is a mindfulness teacher, counsellor cum internationally certified coach who believes she can make a difference being a Koru teacher trainer.  She aims to help establish a cadre of professional Koru teachers in Asia/Middle East, so more emerging adults and youths in Asia/Middle East may benefit from the Koru program.

Suit Fong’s interest in mindfulness practices began more than twenty years ago when she attended her first meditation retreat.   Her interest gradually deepened and in 2012, she made a major decision to leave a global corporate career to pursue continuing studies and training with various institutions and universities in the United States on mindfulness and compassion-led practices and counseling, based on evidence-based researches and how these can be adapted in one’s life.

Suit Fong is a Certified Public Accountant/Chartered Accountant and holds a Master in Business Administration from the United Kingdom and a Master Degree in Counseling from Australia.  She is also qualified and certified to teach mindfulness and compassion cultivation programs for children and adults. She has been trained as a Koru teacher and now teaches Koru and mindfulness programs to youths and adults and provides counseling and conducts mindfulness programs for women and youths-at-risks in Singapore, where she lives with her family.  It is now her life passion and learning, to serve and support individuals and communities of different diversities, cultures and (dis)abilities to learn to sit with ease with life’s discomforts whilst practicing kindness to oneself and to others.