After being accepted into the program, the certification process involves 3 phases that you have one year to complete.

Phase 1: Introduction to Koru Mindfulness

Phase 1 begins with participation in our Koru Mindfulness teacher training workshop. During this workshop you will learn and get to practice teaching the complete Koru Mindfulness curriculum including Koru Basic, Koru 2.0 and Koru Retreat. You’ll also learn about emerging adults and some of the science of mindfulness. Importantly, it’s also a time to develop connections and become a part of our Koru community of teachers.

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Phase 2: Practical experience teaching Koru Mindfulness

After completing your phase 1 workshop, you’ll be ready to start organizing and teaching your own Koru Mindfulness classes with support from our faculty. During this phase you’ll teach 3 Koru Mindfulness courses and participate in 4 on-line consultation meetings with Koru faculty and other Koru teachers-in-training.

Phase 3: Certification review process

The final step of certification involves submission of a portfolio for review by Koru Center faculty. The portfolio will include three components.

  1. Completion of our portfolio log, with requirements to do some reading and view some videos as part of your training.
  2. The student evaluations from 3 Koru Mindfulness classes and information on enrollment and attendance in your classes.
  3. A short essay of your reflections on your experience teaching Koru Mindfulness.

Completion of program

Faculty from the Koru Mindfulness Center will review all submissions. Applicants will be assessed using the Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI: TAC), a standardized tool for assessing competence in teaching mindfulness-based programming.

Following the certification review process, applicants deemed ready for certification will be granted certification as a Koru Mindfulness teacher.

Applicants who are not quite ready for certification may be asked to gain further study, practice or supervision.

Applicants will have 1 year from the start of their Phase 1 workshop to complete the certification program.

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Learn more about the certification process and the science behind Koru Mindfulness.

Holly Rogers, cofounder of Koru Mindfulness, was invited to present at a webinar hosted by the University of Northern Colorado’s Center for Applied Contemplative Studies: