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Teaching Koru Mindfulness in Viet Nam

Jane Terrell, a New Zealand-based Koru teacher, has been living and working in Viet Nam this summer, helping support an energetic team of emerging adults who are building an innovative new enterprise. Jane, in consultation with the Koru Center, chose to offer the team some training in mindfulness to help combat the stress from their… Read more »

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Treat Yo Self

This post is an article written by Alena Sadiq in the Duke Chronicle on March 30. Alena gave us permission to post it here. Thanks, Alena! Not going to lie, having to write a column gives me a bit of anxiety. What if I have nothing meaningful to say? What if I don’t even know… Read more »

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I Feel You*

Dealing with difficult people and disagreement are a fact of life. It takes skill and presence of mind to handle those interactions with compassion.

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