Social Media Cleanse

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Leslie Coutterand gives a TEDx talk on Social Media Addiction:

Join other students in a virtual social media cleanse and climb out of the river.

Whether it’s Twitter or TikTok, you may have noticed endless scrolling leaves you feeling more on edge than entertained, more imperfect than informed, and def more crummy than chill.

Start the new year off right and join us in a virtual social media cleanse! Includes an online journal and social media mindfulness training. 


Jan 2nd, 1-2 pm EST – Kickoff
Jan 3rd, 1-1:30 pm EST – Day 1 cleanse
Jan 4th, 1-1:30 pm EST – Day 2 cleanse
Jan 5th, 1-2 pm EST – Day 3 cleanse + dance party!

what to expect from this cleanse

Bring awareness to the benefits of reducing social media usage.

Be conscientious of how you use social media, and how much time you spend on it, and get a breather from all the distractions it causes. During this cleanse, you will:

  • Remove 2 social media platforms from your phone
  • Limit your social media activity to 30 minutes a day
  • Fill out activities in the journal
  • Attend zoom meetings


What a social media cleanse can accomplish

We hope that by the end of this cleanse you will experience some of the benefits that research has shown a social media cleanse can accomplish:

  • Improved Mood. Research is still limited, but most studies on social media “cleanses” suggest that people feel better when they take a break.
  • Less anxiety. Both the studies above say that one of the clearest benefits of a social media detox is dialed-down anxiety.
  • Clearer focus. Do you reach for your phone when you don’t know what to do? Clear that mental clutter.
  • Boosted creativity. Nixing social media can help boost creativity. It also frees your time, leaving you with more opportunities to try new hobbies.
  • FOMO no mo’. A social media detox takes the focus away from what everyone else is doing and squarely back on your own daily life.
  • Stronger social connections. Disconnecting from social channels means you’re more likely to seek connection IRL.

About the Facilitators

Koru Teacher Lily Harding

Lily Harding

Koru Mindfulness Teacher in Training

Lily Harding (she/her) is a Senior at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She will complete her major, Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise, and minor, Integrative Health and Wellness, and graduate this spring 2023. Lily holds a meditation group within her student organization at school and recently completed her Koru Teacher training this past June. She is actively working to complete her certification through Koru classes with Virginia Tech students and faculty. Meditation has given her the skills of self-awareness, deep understanding, and learning how to embrace all present experiences. Lily’s passion for mindfulness, meditation, and living in the present moment drives her to take on a career in health and wellness after graduation.

Koru Teacher Rebecca Block

Rebecca Block

Certified Koru Mindfulness Teacher

Rebecca Block (she/her) is the Health Education Specialist for Student Well-Being at the University of Rochester. As a part of her role, she leads the strategic development, implementation, and evaluation of a large mindfulness initiative called the Mindful University Project. She supervises their team of 10 Koru Mindfulness instructors, leads Koru classes, as well as co-facilitates their half-day silent meditation retreats. In her role, Rebecca works closely with schools and departments to integrate a culture of mindfulness across the campus. In addition, she offers evidence-informed trainings to faculty and staff members that offer practical skills to promote well-being in their classrooms and / or office to support the students they serve.

Rebecca holds an MS in Community Health Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®), a College Health and Wellness Professional (CHWP), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), and a Certified Koru Mindfulness Teacher.

Koru Teacher Andrew Phan

Andrew Phan

Koru Mindfulness Teacher in Training

Andrew Phan (he/him) is a Senior Undergraduate student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He is majoring in Psychology and first learned about the Koru Mindfulness Program in his Positive Psychology class. He is currently serving as a co-President of the Mindfulness and Meditation Club at BYU and is also working as a research assistant studying if mindfulness practices can be successfully applied to help minority groups experience less stress and anxiety in their college experience. He is further developing his mindfulness practice by progressing to become a certified Koru Mindfulness Teacher.