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5:15pm – 6:30pm EST
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Libby Webb, Alex Brown

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Holly Rogers, Alex Brown

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Learn the Koru Basic curriculum and develop strategies for teaching mindfulness to young adults.

Learn the fundamentals of teaching mindfulness to young adults while experiencing our Koru Basic class with Koru Mindfulness Fundamentals.

In this 5 week course you will:

  • Learn about the history, development, and research of the Koru curriculum.
  • Experience the Koru Basic curriculum.
  • Develop familiarity with our unique Koru technology.
  • Deepen your personal mindfulness practice.
  • Receive personal coaching from a Koru Trainer.

Each course is taught by highly trained trainers and faculty who are experts on teaching mindfulness to young adults. Learn more about our trainers.

Affordable & open to anyone.

This course is for anyone who is interested in learning more about Koru and/or is considering becoming a certified Koru Mindfulness Teacher.

Courses are limited to 12 people so you will get the chance to connect and build community with your fellow students and teachers.

Participation in a Koru Mindfulness Fundamentals course will count towards the formal mindfulness training requirement that is a prerequisite for being accepted into the Koru Teacher Certification program.

What to expect

During this course you will:

  • Participate in 5, 90 minute classes with your Koru trainer and classmates
  • Read and discuss The Mindful Twenty Something by Holly Rogers, a Koru Center founder.
  • Receive support for your daily mindful meditation practice.
  • Using the Koru mobile app, submit each day a log of your gratitudes and reflections on your meditation practice for the day.
  • Via the Koru app, receive personal guidance and inspiration from your Koru trainer, 2-3 times during the week.


This 5 week, live session course costs $295. This fee includes:

  • Five, 90 minute live sessions with Koru Trainers
  • Personal coaching throughout the course from Koru Trainers
  • Access to the Koru Mindfulness app

The Center for Koru Mindfulness has a limited number of scholarships available. We are committed to making our programming accessible and affordable for individuals who may not have the financial means to support the full cost. Please fill out this scholarship form before registering if you are interested.

Mindfulness is a Life-Changing Skill for Young Adults

But it can be hard to inspire young adults to learn to take a mindful approach to life.

Thousands of studies have shown the positive effects of meditation and mindfulness – it is one of the most critical skills a person can master. Yet too often, the way mindfulness is taught is neither relevant nor accessible to the people who need it most. Koru’s evidence-based curriculum is specifically designed to address this problem with proven results.

Ready to go a bit deeper and learn the fundamentals of teaching mindfulness to young adults while experiencing our Koru Basic class?
Register Now for our Fundamentals Course

Please note, attendance in a Koru Fundamentals course does not guarantee acceptance into the certification program. You can see the full list of prerequisites for our teacher certification program here. However, Koru Fundamentals is a recommended first step in becoming a certified Koru teacher.

About the Koru Trainers

Koru Mindfulness, Holly Rogers

Holly B. Rogers

Co-Founder of Koru Mindfulness, co-author of Koru Mindfulness curriculum and Koru Trainer

Holly is one of the developers of the Koru Mindfulness® program and a co-founder of the Center for Koru Mindfulness®. She worked for over two decades as a psychiatrist at Counseling and Psychological Services, the student counseling center at Duke University where she developed strategies to help students incorporate the practice of mindfulness into their lives in a meaningful way.

Holly’s own mindfulness practice began more than 25 years ago when she had the good fortune to be taught and mentored by Dr. Jeff Brantley. Since that time, she has integrated the principles and practice of mindfulness into her clinical work with students and been continually inspired by the profound growth she has witnessed.

Holly is a Clinical Associate in the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center, and the co-author of Mindfulness for the Next Generation: Helping Emerging Adults Manage Stress and Lead Healthier Lives. Her newest book, The Mindful Twenty-Something, is a handbook for young adults who wish to learn about mindfulness and meditation. She lives in Durham, NC with her husband, daughter, Great Dane, three chickens, two cats and Peaches the rabbit.

Koru Mindfulness, Libby Webb

Libby Webb

Co-Founder of Koru Mindfulness and Koru Trainer

Libby is a co-founder of the Center for Koru Mindfulness®. Before retiring in 2016, she was a licensed clinical social worker at Duke University’s Counseling and Psychological Service, and a Clinical Associate on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center.

She has been working with emerging adults for the past twenty-eight years and finds great significance in helping them explore the question of meaning at a time of life filled with such ambiguity.

Libby came to the practice of mindfulness through her early participation in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program. Her interest in mindfulness expanded to include the integration of present moment awareness skills taught in the practice of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

In addition to her interest in mindfulness, she also has a strong belief in the restorative benefits of small group work to illuminate the humanness of struggle. Libby lives with her family in Durham, NC and loves her adopted hometown.

Alex Brown

Alex Brown

Teacher Certification Program Coordinator and Koru Trainer

Alex Brown developed his passion for practicing and sharing mindfulness in 2012 after participating in a guided meditation and having a transformative experience. Since then, he has sought to strengthen his love and compassion for himself and others through daily meditation, reading, and courses. He has an immense desire to help others do the same.

Alex is a native of Detroit, Michigan, loves spending time with his sons, family, and friends, and finds utter delight in dancing. He thoroughly enjoys helping people learn about the different ways in which they improve their overall health and wellbeing and his motto is “I live to serve.”

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