Host a Koru Teacher Training

Host a Koru Teacher Training

Kick off your Mindfulness program with a hosted teacher certification workshop.

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Why Host?

Hosting a workshop allows you to choose options that best suit your needs, provides discounted pricing, and builds your Koru community.

  1. Create Community
    Develop the Koru community in your region and create a strong network for your teachers to share in continued learning and support.
  2. Convenience
    Select dates that work best for your community.
  3. Eliminate Travel
    Provide convenience and lower costs for your community by eliminating the need to travel.
  4. Reduced tuition for your teachers
    1 participant will receive a no-cost “working scholarship”. 10 participants will receive a 50% reduction. The rest will receive the group rate of $1,595, a discount of $300 off of the individual rate.


“The workshop was deeply instructive, powerful and insightful. It was all that I expected and more.”

Roxanne StoehrRoxanne Stoehr, Southeastern Louisiana University


Requirements for Hosting

A detailed description of our hosting agreement is available upon request. Here’s a brief overview of our needs.

  1. Minimum of 20 participants
    We require at least 20 participants to host an in-person workshop. They do not all have to be members of your institution if you are willing to allow others to attend. We will help recruit participants from other institutions.
  2. A minimum of 3 months to plan
    A key factor in having a successful workshop is giving people enough notice to plan. We need a signed hosting agreement at least 3 months prior to the date of the planned workshop. For a really successful workshop, 6-12 months lead time is ideal.
  3. Working Scholarship
    1 participant will receive our “working scholarship” which covers 100% of the certification tuition in exchange for helping out with logistical needs during the workshop.
  4. Logistical Needs
    The host institution provides the space for the training, food and refreshments for the participants, and covers the cost of travel for the Koru Center trainers.

“I left with a tool kit of useful techniques that are sure to meet the needs of our institution.”

Allan Jo An Tibbetts, Marist College

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How we became the gold standard for mindfulness in higher education.

Our focus on experience, innovation, and proven success has brought Koru Mindfulness to over 250 campuses with a community of over 50,000 students and 1,000 teachers.

  1. Decades of experience working with emerging adults.
    The co-founders of the Koru Center have dedicated their careers to working with emerging adults. Holly Rogers, MD and Libby Webb, MSW each worked for over two decades at Duke University’s Counseling and Psychological Services, developing expertise in the developmental needs and strengths of emerging adults.
  2. Innovation in everything we do.
    From the beginning, Koru Mindfulness has focused less on how things have always been done and more on discovering what is most useful for the students we serve. This has carried over to the development of our unique technology. We have developed a student app and teacher dashboard that allow our teachers to easily create classes and personally mentor each of their students.
  3. Proven Success
    Koru’s effectiveness has been proven with a randomized, controlled trial that showed that Koru students were less stressed, sleeping better, more mindful, and had greater self-compassion at the end of their class.  We have a community of gifted teachers, teaching year after year, many with wait lists of students eager to learn mindfulness. These teachers have taught over 50,000 students, many of whom say that mindfulness has transformed their lives. Together, we are making a difference in our students’ lives, our communities, and our world.