Spring Break Retreat

Ready to take your mindfulness and meditation practice up a notch? Join Koru Mindfulness and iBme at our mindfulness and meditation retreat designed specifically for 20 and 30 somethings.

This retreat will incorporate periods of silence, relational mindfulness, movement, and free time. The experience is designed to support you as you develop deepening understanding of yourself, your relationships, and the power of present-moment awareness. This will be a great opportunity for you to deepen your mindfulness practice and connect with others who are interested in doing the same. All Koru students and those who have been introduced to mindfulness are welcome!

When: March 9-14, 2019
Where: Shipman, VA
Registration & Info: koru.site/retreat

Free Guided Meditations

Stream our free guided meditations to help you with your meditation practice. These free guided meditations are specifically geared for our Koru students, but will help anyone who is looking for guided help in their meditation practice.

      An Intro to Mindfulness Meditation (01:21)


      Koru Breath Meditation (10:00)


      20 Min Koru Meditation (20:00)


      Koru Belly Breathing (10:00)


      Koru Body Scan (10:00)


      An intro to Gatha (01:38)


      Koru Guided Gatha (10:00)


      Koru Walking Meditation (10:00)


      Koru Guided Imagery (10:00)

Adapted with permission from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine


      Koru Labeling Thoughts Meditation (10:00)


      Koru Labeling Feelings Meditation (10:00)


      Koru Loving-Kindness Meditation (20:00)

Video Tutorials

Dynamic Breathing

Ocean Breathing

Koru Mindfulness Mobile App with guided medtations

Koru App

Make sure to download our iOS and Android app for access to all these guided meditations, video tutorials, and more!

The Mindful Twenty-Something by Holly Rogers

Koru Book

The Mindful Twenty Something is a meditation guide for young adults who are seeking better ways to manage stress, and more importantly, enhance their lives and develop the wisdom that will guide them as they make important life decisions.

Our blog, the pause.

the pause is a mindfulness and meditation blog written specifically for 20 and 30 somethings. Check it out!