New study published!

Koru helps students cope with COVID‐19‐related stress and anxiety. Read study here.

Tracking Koru’s impact

As scientists and academics, we’re firmly committed to understanding what works and adjusting and improving our program accordingly. After developing and working with the Koru curriculum for nearly 10 years, we completed a randomized, controlled trial of Koru.

Here are the results:

Evidence based mindfulness: Less StressedStudents reported feeling more calm

“I am worrying less and enjoying myself more since starting Koru. I’ve gotten better at staying focused in the present and I don’t feel so stressed all the time.”

Evidence based mindfulness: More MindfulStudents improved their mindfulness

“I have found that mindfulness has pervaded my life. On and off I realize that my mind is spinning and it has become much easier for me to take some breaths and bring my mind back to the present.”

Evidence based mindfulness: Better SleepStudents felt more rested

“It’s so much easier to fall asleep now that I have techniques for quieting my mind.”

Evidence based mindfulness: Less JudgmentStudents had greater self-compassion

“Before I took Koru, I never noticed how much time I spent lost in negative thoughts about myself. I think the biggest change for me since taking Koru is I’m not so hard on myself any more. It makes everything a whole lot easier.”

Access the full data

See A Randomized Controlled Trial of Koru: A Mindfulness Program for College Students and Other Emerging Adults in the May 9, 2014 issue of the Journal of American College Health.

Read the abstract here