Amal Fayad

Amal Fayad is not only bringing Koru to her students at ASU, but to her mosque as well.

Koru Teacher Amal Fayad

What is your area of work or academic field of study?

I am a licensed Associate Counselor working at the ASU counseling center. I completed my Bachelors in Nutrition and my Masters in Counseling.

What drew you to Koru Mindfulness?

I was asked to attend Koru by my manager at work, and I immediately felt excitement and was ready to begin the journey to a more mindful lifestyle. I was missing the ability to focus during my daily prayers and often prayed while my mind made plans, and thought about everything else except the present moment and my prayer.

I also love the ease and simplicity of teaching the course with the user friendly dashboard and app.

Where do you hope to teach Koru Mindfulness classes?

I would love to begin teaching Koru at ASU with a focus on freshman and first year grad students to help give them a healthier start in their academic life.

I am also very involved within the Muslim community at the local mosque in Arizona. Once I completed the Koru training I started two separate classes that very next week at the mosque. I was so excited and could not wait to share my experience with others and currently have 24 students reaping the benefits of Koru!

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