Free Guided Meditations

Stream our free guided meditations to help you with your meditation practice. These free guided meditations are specifically geared for our Koru students, but will help anyone who is looking for guided help in their meditation practice.

      An Intro to Mindfulness Meditation (01:21)


      Koru Breath Meditation (10:00)


      20 Min Koru Meditation (20:00)


      Koru Belly Breathing (10:00)


      Koru Body Scan (10:00)


      An intro to Gatha (01:38)


      Koru Guided Gatha (10:00)


      Koru Walking Meditation (10:00)


      Koru Guided Imagery (10:00)

Adapted with permission from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine


      Koru Labeling Thoughts Meditation (10:00)


      Koru Labeling Feelings Meditation (10:00)


      Koru Loving-Kindness Meditation (20:00)

Video Tutorials

Dynamic Breathing

Ocean Breathing